KPF Yogya – Microsoft says it wants to hire more people with autism in a full-time position.US technology company that began offering 10 positions with a pilot scheme at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond.

Senior Executive Mary Ellen Smith said, “People with autism brings the power we need at Microsoft.”

British foundation that helps people with autism, the National Autistic Society, welcomed the move but said that other companies should do more to hone the skills of people with autism.

“Simple adjustments, such as making it easier for job interview accessible to people with autism and provide support to assist them in understanding the ‘unwritten rule’ in the workplace can unlock the potential of all parts of society,” said Sarah Lambert of the National Autistic Society.

Meanwhile, in a statement announcing the new policy Microsoft, Smith said, “Every individual is different, some have a remarkable ability to store information, thinking with great detail and depth, or excel in math or creating computer code.”

Recruitment specialist company, Specialisterne, will help run the new recruitment scheme.

Specialisterne which operates in Denmark and the UK, in collaboration with several IT companies and other sectors to promote the skills of people with autism to a specific vacancy.

Currently only 15% of adults with autism in the UK have a full time job.

Source: BBC Indonesia

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